Ring spotlight cam not connecting to wifi

A leading provider of homesourcing: customer and technical support solutions delivered by home-based employees. Most wireless routers or gateways have a label with the default credentials. If the credentials aren't there, check the documentation that came with your device. If your Internet Service Provider ISP installed the wireless router or gateway, they might have left you a setup sheet which may have the credentials.

If other wireless devices are connected to the network and functioning properly, chances are the router is OK. It's possible there is an environmental issue. Do you have a portable wireless device Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop, etc. Although your Ring camera is compatible with most networking equipment, some network devices are incompatible. Usually when networking hardware does not work with your Ring camera, it's because it lacks support for the network protocols that the Ring camera uses to operate.

Your Ring Camera is compatible with The device needs to be within a reasonable range of the router in order to connect and have the best connection speeds.

The above numbers are approximates only. Optimal range may vary based on router make and model.

How to Connect Ring Spotlight Cam to WiFi

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After this, try walking through the process to reconnect to wifi under the Device Health section for the device's profile. If you continue to still have this concern, it may be best to bring the device inside and near your router to see if that helps restore the connection. Hope this helps! The LED indicators flashing is a good sign that the Cam is attempting a connection. I recommend charging the battery all the way, if you've not already done so, to ensure the Cam has enough power to complete a connection.

As you mentioned performing a reset already holding down the setup button for 20 secondsthe next best step would be to attempt a new setup in the app. Try also, removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device to ensure it is up to date. I hope this help! My Battery security camera had a low battery, I removed the battery, charged it and re-installed, the usual blue and white flashing lights at the bottom came on which I believe is showing that it is trying to reconnect to the wifi.

It has continued to flash, I turned it off at teh button on the top of teh camera, then back on again, the same thing happend. Wifi in the house is working as I have other cameras on teh same wifi network still working as per usual. I have reset the camera, same issue. I deleted teh camera from my account and then tried to re-connect teh camera again usuing the normal addition of a device process but teh wifi won't pick up.

I can only assume teh Wifi in the device is broken, can anyone help? I've tried hard resetting it, removing it from my list of devices, no matter what I do it won't stop flashing blue and white.

It is the battery verison Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? I had the same issue Hey neighbors!

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I've addressed this with my teams that want to make sure we cover a few more bases. If you do not see a pattern, please do a soft reset of the Spotlight Cam. If the device is still stuck flashing white and blue, attempt a factory reset of the device. If the device is still stuck flashing white and blue and not setting up, or you are getting no lights at all, please reach out to our support team here over the phone!After successfully installing 2 other ring devices doorbell 2, stick up cam I have not been able to do the same with Spotlight cam wired.

FIrstly, the camera entered set up mode as expected. Successfully connected to a chime pro as normal. From there if failed when trying to finish the connection to the wifi. I attempted this over 10 times with no joy. I switched between connecting via Chime Pro and direct to home wifi. Same result - 'attempt to connnect to your wifi failed'. Eventually I attempted a hard reset.

After holding button for 20 seconds nothing happened. No lights flashing, no notfications, no voice feedback. Following attempts at hard reset the camera now fails to even enter set up mode.

Once powered on there are no flashing lights, then same again when hitting button once for set up mode. Attempting to connect to wifi or chime pro from here impossible. One of thing to note is the floodlights on device are always on when powered up and remain on throughout attempted set up.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to detail what you have done in your post here! It seems like you have exhausted all troubleshooting steps here, so I do recommend giving our support team a call on this concern if you have not already. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. Feel free to come back and let us know how this goes! Sign In Help. Ring Community : Products : Security Cams : spotlight cam wired not connecting to wifi in set Turn on suggestions.

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New Neighbor. I have actioned all troubleshooting tips. I am out of patience. Pleae help. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Community Manager. Re: spotlight cam wired not connecting to wifi in set up mode. Like my answer? Accept it as a solution click on the 'Accepted Solution' button next to reply. Learn more about the Community, here.Ring Doorbell is a Wi-Fi doorbell that is actually more than a doorbell. Yes, it fills the shoes of your typical doorbell but adds an impressive video intercom system that allows you to talk to your visitors, from your smartphone or tablet.

Ring Doorbell Video devices are packed with useful features, the app is extremely user-friendly, and everything is easy-to-connect to Wi-Fi.

When you start setting it up, it first enters the Setup Mode, prompting you to download the app onto your smart device to move on. Wait, how can it connect via Wi-Fi without the device being connected to a network? This is used to connect the Ring app to the device.

Once this is done, the projected Wi-Fi network will cease its broadcast and the device will connect to your Wi-Fi of choice. In some instances, you may have to force the Setup Mode to run. Now, take the battery out and fully charge it. This may take several hours, so be patient.

Now, start the device and see whether it enters the Setup Mode. If it fails to do so, you should perform a hard reset. To do this, press the black button and hold it down for about 15 seconds or longer, if necessary. This should reboot your Ring Doorbell and the device should enter the Setup Mode on its own.

Your Ring Doorbell may be working perfectly, but if your Wi-Fi network goes down and you have a spare one, you may want to connect to it, instead. Alternatively, you may have changed your router or moved to a new home. In any case, you should be able to change the Wi-Fi network on your Ring Doorbell device. Given the fact that there are no controls that allow you to do it from the device itself, you may have to use the Ring app.

This is a simple way, but it may not work on every device. From the list of networks, choose the one that you want to connect to. Some devices may offer a different option, called Reconnect to Wi-Fi. Change the name of your SSID to match the exact name of your old router or malfunctioning network.This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. Select motion zones on the app and customize the areas to trigger the camera to turn on when motion is detected.

Simply tap on the diagram to turn on the motion zone on or off. Bring the Spotlight Cam near a router and open the Ring app. Press the Live View button on the app or trigger a motion event to view live video. If the video quality of the camera is good near your router, you need to extend your Wi-Fi signal. Make sure to place the Ring Spotlight at an optimal height of nine feet. This will put the motion sensor in a perfect position to detect human-size objects up to 30 feet.

There can be a power surge, a wire in your router setup temporarily comes loose, or you temporarily lose power which will affect your internet router. The next step would be to check if all of your wires are plugged in and the front of the routers lights are all green.

Check if another device is having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi connection. Try unplugging your router for 30 seconds then connecting it again. Remove the internal battery of the device then insert it again and check if the device has a Wi-Fi connection. Take the battery and plug it into a power source so the battery can charge for a couple of hours before installation.

When the battery is fully charged the small light on top will turn green and will be ready for installation.

What to Do if Your Spotlight Cam Battery Goes Offline

Tap on the Light Settings tile for access to the motion zone Light Brightness control. Use this control to adjust the brightness of your spotlights when they activate. The lights on the Spotlight Cam will only turn on when it is dark outside and their is motion.

If the lights aren't turning on at night then you can adjust the motion sensitivity.

In-app Setup Failing Due to Router or Modem Issues

If you do not want your lights to turn on at night you can also, manually control your spotlight through the lights control.Ensure that the charging light on the back of the device illuminates when the device is connected to USB power. If the device only powers up when connected to USB power and shuts off when disconnected after allowing sufficient time to charge, the battery is faulty.

You can replace the battery using this guide. Make sure that you do not accidentally disable recording using the control in your Ring app. You can follow the instruction on Support. Ensure that the cam is placed in an optimal position to hear everything you want heard.

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Use this guide to replace the device's microphone. Use this guide to replace the device's speakers. Ensure that your cam and viewing device are connected to the same WiFi network. Check the small light on the back of the cam; if it is blinking rapidly there is a WiFi setup issue. Follow the setup guide here on the manufacturers website at support. Ensure that your camera and viewing device are within range and have a strong connection to the Wifi network.

If not, move device or camera closer to Wifi base station. If the camera is in a dark area check that the infrared lights surrounding the camera lens are illuminated.

If not, check the night setting in the Ring App. Move the camera to a well lite area. If there is still no video, you may need to replace the led lights. If after checking all of the above issues there is still no video, you may need to replace the camera unit using this guide. The first possible is that he motion detected is not activated.

Use the Ring App to check and update the cameras settings. First, ensure that the Ring App is up to date via the app store on your device.

Then, via the Ring App, go to device settings and check for firmware update. If there is an update available, update device. When an object or person passes in front of the camera it does not start recording or takes to long to start recording. The cord is good and the power brick works. Tony Argote Sr. Nothing but hassle! Peter Wright - June 18 Reply. The stick up cam generation 3 requires you physically be there to push the reset button if there is a major problem.

When your camera is in Florida and you are in New York. If you do get it reset. Can you see light flash in New York when the camera is in Florida? The camera needs to be able to connect up to the network when it becomes available. Not lose its settings. Remote management should be able to find your camera an allow remote configuration. Carlton Lee - July 17 Reply. My stick up cam will not hold a charge and I have a solar panel attached. Clifton Helmig - 1 week ago October 5, Reply.

Fix Your Stuff.Ring Video Doorbell is a cheaper and better solution than installing a front door surveillance system and an intercom. Much more functional and offering an advanced level of features, the Ring Video Doorbell is a fantastic investment in home safety. But without a Wi-Fi connection, this doorbell device is pretty much useless. But do they work with 5GHz Wi-Fi? Every time someone presses the doorbell button on the Ring device, you get a notification on your phone or on your Ring Chime device, if you happen to own one.

How come, you may wonder? This means that your Ring device absolutely needs to be connected to your Wi-Fi in order to work. Every single router in existence offers 2. Therefore, the vast majority of wireless devices works with this frequency and can perform fairly well using it.

Every single Ring product is fully connectable to 2. After all, this is how Ring Video Doorbells have been made to function — no one can really expect you to have a 5GHz network at home. Video Doorbell and Video Doorbell 2, work only with 2. These are the initial and the most commonly purchased respectively editions of the device type and tend to function very well, even with mediocre Wi-Fi connections.

These two Video Doorbell models work with 2. If your Wi-Fi router supports 5GHz connectivity, in addition to 2. Whether 5GHz connections are faster is fairly irrelevant here. If anything, the 5GHz frequency band offers a smaller range than its 2. What matters is that the 5GHz networks are significantly less crowded, in general, owing to the fact that most devices use the 2. Connect to the latter.

Do you own a Pro or Elite edition of Video Doorbell? Do you use the 5GHz connection? Feel free to discuss your own experiences with the two connection types.